17. Mai 2022 | Success Story, Raffinerie, Laby® Kompressor, Mittel- und Südamerika

Fit-for-purpose compression solution exceeds customer expectations

Lwart Environmental Solutions is part of the Lwart Group and offers a differentiated waste management service, based on the concept of circular economy.

The company collects, allocates and transforms finite natural resources giving them a new life. Within its process, hydrogen is produced from natural gas. The natural gas has been supplied for years by pipeline with a pressure of 16 bar. Lwart has been informed that the pressure would gradually be reduced first to eight bar and then down to four bar. Consequently, a quick and a cost-efficient compression solution was needed to adapt to these new requirements and to keep the process running properly.

„Burckhardt Compression exceeded expectations in all stages of the project, from submission of the quotation to commissioning & start-up, assisted operation and final delivery of the compressors in operation under the projected conditions. During all these stages, the partnership and commitment between Burckhardt Compression and Lwart Soluções Ambientais were paramount to the success of this project. We were able to meet all the expectations of the main pillars of the project: budget, deadline, safety, operational availability, quality of equipment. This project is an example to be followed in the other projects of Lwart Soluções Ambientais“

Customer Challenges:

  • Source compressors (two) in very short time and on limited budget
  • Technically sound solution needed
  • Reduction in process specification from 16 bar (232 psi) to
    4 bar (58 psi) over time
  • Keep the process running properly for many years to come
Bare shaft compressors type Laby® at Burckhardt Compression Brazil
Bare shaft compressors type Laby® at Burckhardt Compression Brazil

Application Description:

Compressor manufacturer:  Burckhardt Compression
Type 2 x Laby® 2K90-2E Gas Natural gas
Power 67 kW / 89 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

8.74 bar / 126.76 psi

21.10 bar / 306.03 psi

Speed 950 rpm Lubrication None



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Offer „second-hand“ compressors that were never used
  • Only 5 months delivery time – shorter than new ones or from competition
  • 90% fit for required operational conditions
  • Technical adaptations included in delivery time
  • Bare shaft compressors delivered from Switzerland
  • Engineering, adaptations and assembly executed in Brazil with support from engineering department in Switzerland
  • Site installation and commissioning executed by the experts from Burckhardt Compression Brazil
Compressor skid during assembly
Compressor skid during assembly

Customer Benefits:

  • Technically sound solution which is fit for the purpose
  • Delivery executed one month earlier
  • Everything sourced from one company
  • Future-proof solution
  • Project delivered on budget
2K90 compressors being installed at site
2K90 compressors being installed at site