Success Stories

Erfolgsgeschichten über durchgeführte Projekte mit Details zu den Herausforderungen, den angebotenen Lösungen von uns und schliesslich auch über den Kundennutzen und deren Zufriedenheit.

Re-engineering of other brand compressor cylinder within tight time frame

20. Juli 2022 | Success Story

Our customer Vynova operates in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, one of Europe’s largest plants for the production of suspension PVC...


Cost effective solution: Overhaul of 2nd hand Laby® setting its clock back...

2. Juni 2022 | Success Story

Arxada, a global specialty chemicals business with leading positions in Microbial Control Solutions (MCS) and Specialty Produ...


Fit-for-purpose compression solution exceeds customer expectations

17. Mai 2022 | Success Story

Lwart Environmental Solutions is part of the Lwart Group and offers a differentiated waste management service, based on the c...


Major turnaround of booster/primary and hyper compressors resulted in extended lifetime

7. April 2022 | Success Story

Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş. - part of SOCAR - is the leading petrochemical company of Turkey. Specializing in petrochemic...


Dry-docking of LNG vessel includes major service for essential boil-off gas compressor

10. März 2022 | Success Story

Teekay LNG, a leading marine transport company, has completed a time-critical dry-dock overhaul of its vessel “Creole Spiri...


Prevention is better than cure

3. März 2022 | News

Well-planned maintenance of any equipment is essential for long-term reliability and efficiency. Following the routine servic...


Dry dock compressor service completed within 18 days

17. Februar 2022 | Success Story

After five years in service, an LNG carrier was scheduled for dry-dock in Singapore, but with just three weeks’ notice, the...


Compressor optimization meets new process requirements

2. Februar 2022 | Success Story

A leading European oil and gas company, focused on exploration and production in the Mediterranean, needed to modify the capa...


Compressor frame and baseplate repaired in parallel to save time

17. November 2021 | Success Story

Burckhardt Compression supplied spare parts for a compressor from an Italian manufacturer to a refinery in Italy. While being...


Compressor overhaul on LNG carrier in Voyage from Europe to North America

14. Oktober 2021 | Success Story

One of the world’s largest owners and operators of LNG carriers planned to overhaul one of its compressors aboard the vesse...


Doubled lifetime of high-pressure components after modernization of other brand hyper compressor

6. Juli 2021 | Success Story

Burckhardt Compression was selected to modernize MOL Petrochemicals' other brand hyper compressor at its LDPE plant in Tisza...


Overhaul of other brand compressor – Full working order reinstated

21. Juni 2021 | Success Story

The Cressier Refinery is the only operating refinery in Switzerland and serves as a cornerstone of Varo Energy, processing a ...


Emergency repair of a 50-year-old dry nitrogen compressor foundation in a steel...

8. April 2021 | Success Story

Cogne Acciai Speciali, a leading producer of stainless steel products based in Aosta, Italy, turned to Burckhardt Compression...


On-Site Machining of a Hyper Crankcase at a LDPE Plant

13. Oktober 2020 | Success Story

The high market demand for LDPE required Transformadora de Etileno A.I.E. (TDE), a manufacturer of low-density polyethylene i...


Compressor Revamp to guarantee its proper Functioning

28. Februar 2020 | Success Story

The Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. in Haldia, India, had problems with two of its compressors. Without any major overhauls, the two 27...


Repair of Connecting Rod and Modificaton of Crosshead

11. Februar 2020 | Success Story

The Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. (IOCL) in Mathura, India, repeatedly struggled with its compressor, which often failed. Complicatio...


Follow-Up Order for Major LDPE Compressor Overhaul

3. Dezember 2019 | Success Story

SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, operates three LDPE lines at their plant in Geleen, The Netherlands. After t...


Major Revamp of Laby®-GI Compressor on FSRU

26. September 2019 | Success Story

Golar Management Norway is one of the world’s largest independent owners and operators of LNG midstream infrastructure. The...


Successful Plant Turnaround Project after Sudden Change of Execution Date

11. April 2019 | Success Story

Repsol Polímeros in Sines, Portugal, scheduled an overhaul for two Process Gas Compressors (primary) and two F6 Hyper Compre...


Overhaul of LDPE Compressors - Outstanding Field Service Team - Zero Safety...

15. September 2018 | Success Story

SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, awarded Burckhardt Compression for the compressor overhaul of its booster/pr...


Relocation & Modernization of 35-year-old Oxygen Laby® Compressor – Fit to New...

23. Juli 2018 | Success Story

AGA Gas Sweden, a member of the Linde Group, decided to put a 35-year-old oxygen Laby® Compressor at their Stenungsund plant...


Turn-key Solution for LDPE Plant – Burckhardt Compression as Single Source Supplier

6. Juni 2018 | Success Story

Burckhardt Compression was chosen as turn-key contractor for a general revamp and modernization of three Hitachi hyper/second...


Increased System Efficiency after Revamp of Other Brand Compressor

29. Mai 2018 | Success Story

After the breakdown of an other brand process gas compressor (make-up), the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Refinery in Panipat, I...


Down to Zero Leakage after Revamp

28. November 2017 | Success Story

The Israeli government tightened its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations so that they now reflect the highest le...


Major Modernization of Gas Lift Compressor

21. November 2017 | Success Story

A production increase and a higher system availability was requested. Burckhardt Compression took on the challenge and conduc...


High Pressure Packings – Still Running after over 26’000 Hours

7. November 2017 | Success Story

Since 2012, Sipchem, Saudi International Polymer Company (IPC), has been operating a Burckhardt Compression K8 Hyper Compress...


Emergency Rebuild of Dry Hydrogen Compressor

13. März 2017 | Success Story

When a compressor for dry hydrogen experienced an emergency shutdown, Burckhardt Compression experts were quickly at the cust...


Burckhardt Poppet Valve™ in Challenging Gas Service

11. Oktober 2016 | Success Story

The valves of a non-Burckhardt compressor only lasted for 6 weeks in a challenging application. Burckhardt Compression analyz...


Major Overhaul – Hyper and Process Gas Compressor

15. Juli 2014 | Success Story

A customer decided on the services from Burckhardt Compression for the overhaul of the booster/primary and hyper/secondary co...


Load Recalculation – Other Brand Hyper Compressor

13. Juli 2014 | Success Story

The design and safety settings needed updates on this hyper compressor – a non-Burckhardt brand. But Burckhardt Compression...


Upgrade of HP Cartridge for Hyper Compressor

8. Juli 2012 | Success Story

A hyper compressor in an Ethylene plant experienced issues with the high-pressure cartridge. The customer involved Burckhardt...


Compressor Revamp – Successful Increase of Mass Flow

16. Mai 2011 | Success Story

In 2011, a South Korean LDPE plant conducted a plant capacity increase of 50%. Debottlenecking of the entire compressor syste...


New Hyper Compressor Central Valves

24. Juli 2010 | Success Story

A customer turned to Burckhardt Compression for help with his non-Burckhardt hyper compressor. The compressor valves needed a...