8. Juli 2012 | Success Story, Hyper-Kompressor, Asien, Petro-/Chemische Industrie

Upgrade of HP Cartridge for Hyper Compressor

A hyper compressor in an Ethylene plant experienced issues with the high-pressure cartridge. The customer involved Burckhardt Compression to analyze the situation and to make suggestions for improvement and to increase reliability.

Customer Challenges:

  • Increase reliability of high-pressure cartridge
  • Simplify installation procedure of high-pressure cartridge for lower downtime during service interval
  • Material analysis and propose possible improvements



Application Description:

Type Other brand hyper / secondary compressor Gas Ethylene
Power 21’400 kW / 27’700 hp Suction pressure 

Dircharge pressure

268 / 1’742 barg

1’742 / 3’100 barg

Speed 214 rpm Lubrication Forced lubrication to cylinder

Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Finite element analysis (FEA) of high-pressure cartridge
  • Indicating improvements for high performance material to be used
  • Know-how and experience provided from the market leader in LDPE compressor design
  • Upgrade high pressure cartridge to Burckhardt Compression HyproPack™ design



Customer Benefits:

  • Shorten the downtime during service interval due to the use of Burckhardt Compression HyproPack™ design
  • Simplify installation and ensure higher service quality
  • Extend MTBO to highly challenging EVA application
  • Warranty on the solution