Our Strategy

Our company purpose is to create leading compression solutions for a sustainable energy future. For the mid-term, we have set specific goals for 2027, which we aim to achieve with a strategy based on four pillars:

Four strategic levers to transform and deliver our new MRP targets 
Strengthen core business

  • Consolidate market share in traditional markets of Systems Division → Focus: China, USA, PCI, LNG, Solar
  • Grow Services Division as full-service provider → Focus: coverage of installed base, USA & Marine


Operational excellence

  • Improve product competitiveness
  • Increase efficiency via automation and digital processes
  • Leverage current footprint and SG&A



Transform and build new growth avenues

  • Develop best combined offering of both divisions for hydrogen mobility & energy
  • Develop modular suite of digital customer offerings
  • Leverage potential from internal digitization across functions
Enhance business foundations

  • Embrace Burckhardt Compression purpose and further develop our culture
  • Further develop attractive employer brand and customer experience
  • Increase sustainability of operations and supply chain
  • Streamline IT and data platform