High-Speed Compressors

BCS High-Speed Compressors

The preferred solution for a wide range of oil and gas applications are high-speed reciprocating compressor systems according to API 11P / ISO 13631. BCS High-Speed Compressors are available in different frames and for a wide range of applications. Services and spare parts management is available worldwide through the global Burckhardt Compression network.

Customer Benefits

  • Fully balanced structure eliminates vibrations to surrounding infrastructure and machinery
  • No special foundation required
  • Small footprint
  • Skidded solution with minimum interfaces
  • CAPEX-optimized compressor system
  • Simple maintenance through easy replacement of wear parts
  • Full range of after-sales services
  • Global network of local service centers


Compressor Design

  • Fully balanced
  • Lubricated and non-lubricated designs
  • Driven by electrical motor or gas engine
  • Available with 2, 4 and 6 cranks
  • Power up to 7’500 kW
  • In-line opposing pistons eliminate horizontal moments and forces
  • In compliance with API 11P / ISO 13631 standards


Technical Data