Gas Gathering & Processing

Gas Gathering & Processing

Growing global demand for energy is spurring efforts to discover new deposits of oil and gas as well as new ways of improving recovery from existing wells. Although market development has been stalled by the very depressed prices for crude oil and natural gas lately, in the long run, business will be driven by the following trends:

  • Exploration and development of new deep sea fields
  • Better exploitation of existing fields
  • Exploration and development of new formations, especially tar sands and shale gas and shale oil


Increasing Demand for Energy

In some enhanced oil recovery techniques, unwanted gas flowing up through well tubing and gases that arise during the processing of crude oil but that cannot be productively used is re-injected underground. Declining oil fields where oil and gas deposits are difficult to extract can be exploited much more effectively using these techniques. Thanks to its extensive experience in handling demanding gases under high pressure, Burckhardt Compression offers customers substantial added value in these application areas.

Fulfill Stringent Regulations

Moreover, producers must comply with increasingly stringent regulations requiring the environmentally responsible disposal of toxic and non-toxic gases that arise during extraction and production. Burckhardt Compression offers on- and offshore solutions for a select range of applications.

Burckhardt Compression Offering

Whether onshore or offshore – Burckhardt Compression offers compressor solutions for various applications in this segment. The exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires a variety of compressor solutions to meet the demanding requirements of that industry. Different applications at different environments require expert know-how of the compressor solution provider. Burckhardt Compression offers tailored reciprocating compressor solutions for upstream oil & gas.