According to information available to the company from the disclosure notifications of the SIX Swiss Exchange AG, the shareholders listed in the following table reported shareholdings of at least 3% of the voting rights as per March 31, 2018. In accordance with the company’s Bylaws, the voting rights of NN Group N.V. and J O Hambro Capital Management limited are limited in each case to 5.0% of the total number of BCHN registered shares recorded in the commercial register:


Name Country % of shares
MBO Shareholder pool Switzerland 12.4
NN Group N.V. Netherlands 6.9
J O Hambro Capital Management Limited United Kingdom 6.9
Atlantic Value General Partner Limited (Mondrian) United Kingdom 5.0
Ameriprise Financial Inc. United States 3.5
Credit Suisse Funds AG Switzerland 3.0
Oppenheimer Funds United States 3.0
UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG Switzerland 3.0