Laby®-GI Compressor

Laby®-GI Compressor – Fully Balanced Reciprocating Compressor with Highest Operational Flexibility

Through detailed cooperation with recognized marine equipment and system suppliers, and the close relationship to well known end-users in the offshore market, Burckhardt Compression has developed the Laby®-GI, a highly unique and flexible compressor solution that perfectly fits a wide range of individual customer requirements for highly demanding offshore applications.
Traditional engineering and our decades of experience are the foundation of the vertical, in-line, 6-crank, low speed reciprocating compressor. The innovative design results in a unique but highly effective, fully balanced machinery configuration.

Laby®-GI CompressorLaby®-GI – Design Features (click to enlarge)


Compressor type LP190 (2 to 5 stages) LP250 (3 to 5 stages)
Suction pressure [bara] / [psia] 1.03 to 1.17 / 14.9 to 16.9 1.03 to 1.17 / 14.9 to 16.9
Discharge pressure [bara] / [psia] up to 350 / 5’070 up to 350 / 5’070
Suction temperature [° C /° F] -170 to 45 / -270 to 113 -170 to 45 / -270 to 113
Flow [kg/h] / [lbs/h] 4’000 to 12’000 / 8’800 to 26’400 4’000 to 16’000 / 8’800 to 35’200

Design Features

  • No vibration due to elimination of unbalanced forces and moments caused by rotating masses
  • Labyrinth sealing system (contact-free and non-lubricated) on piston and piston rod gland in the cryogenic area resulting in increased lifetime, reduced wear and lowest maintenance costs
  • To maximize the compressor solutions efficiency at high pressure stages, ring sealed technology is used.
  • Quick start-up with suction temperatures down to minus 170° C (minus 250° F)
  • No pre-heating of the gas or pre-cooling of the compressor required
  • Long lifetime with top performance due to in-house engineered, top quality compressor components
  • No gas losses thanks to the gastight design of the crank gear· Quick and easy installation thanks to a modularized design approach
  • All applied components can demonstrate many years of successful operation in LNG installations both onshore and offshore
  • Highest availability is provided by robust slow speed compression and high quality Swiss technology.
  • High pressure fuel gas supply for the ME-GI dual fuel propulsion system (DFDM) from MAN Diesel & Turbo with parallel reliquefaction options
  • Low pressure fuel gas supply for dual fuel propulsion systems (DFDE) with parallel reliquefaction options
  • Fuel gas supply for gas turbines on LNG FPSO
  • Minimum send-out compressor on FSRU
  • Gas processing applications, lubricated and non-lubricated

Gases Handled

  • Natural gas
  • Hydrocarbon gases, such as ethylene
  • Highly corrosive gases and gas mixtures, such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide


Laby®-GI Compressor
Laby®-GI Compressor Package for Fuel Gas Supply