Welcome to Burckhardt Compression Switzerland!

Put what you know to work. At Burckhardt Compression. You have studied diligently for several semesters and are now interested in applying what you have learned in a practical setting where you will gain insights into the operating procedures, structures and business activities of an international company, while also enhancing your qualifications.

Or you want to enroll in the dual PiBS bachelor’s degree program offered by ZHAW in Winterthur, where you can work and study at the same time.
If that’s the case, then come to us. We offer attractive internships and interesting opportunities to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, and we offer positions to participants in the PiBS program, the practically-oriented bachelor’s degree program.
Learn more about our partnerships and our company at a career fair at the ETH Zurich.


Burckhardt Compression is looking for young, inquisitive and highly qualified people.

Are you interested? Do you want to start a successful career pathway with us? Then take a look at what we offer and find out if we have a solution for you.

We hope to receive your application soon!

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