Compressor Know-How

Best reliability & longest lifetime

Compressor know-how and a complete compressor range

Requirement specification support

Burckhardt Compression’s refinery competence teams strongly support end customers and FEED engineering while specifying the most viable and economic refinery compressor solution. Burckhardt Compression’s focus on pre-defining refinery standards during product development and continuous improvement of optimization tools helps the decision makers of new refinery projects to specify the most economic compressor solution over the entire life cycle of the installation.

Striving for longest lifetime

Decades of extensive research and testing on materials, production processes, tribology field experience with all kinds of different demanding gas compositions have resulted in sealing solutions that provide longest mean time between overhaul (MTBO). Burckhardt Compression offers everything you need to achieve longer lifetime and strives to build compressor solutions that will operate for 24’000 hours or up to 3 years without interruption.

API 618 refinery compressor solutions

The Burckhardt Compression product offering consists of a complete portfolio from 100 kN up to 1’500 kN with power up to 31’000 kW. All compressor frames are available as lubricated or non-lubricated versions. Non-lubricated compressors compress at up to 300 bara, lubricated at up to 1’000 bara.

All compressor frames are specifically designed to meet the API 618 guidelines and higher specifications applicable to the refinery industry. In addition, we offer highest availability combined with best maintainability. In advance, we offer a full range of services and top performing components through our global organization and local service centers.

From bare compressors to turnkey solutions

Burckhardt Compression offers proven, standardized refinery compressors configured according to the project requirements including the complete interface description, auxiliary components specifications and engineering. This enables packagers and EPCs to integrate the compressor into their specific refinery process. Depending on the preferences of the EPCs, Burckhardt Compression additionally offers a package consisting of compressors and a set of proven auxiliary equipment.

On request, the dedicated project management team of Burckhardt Compression will offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for smooth project execution requiring minimal project coordination effort by the customer.

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