Speak Up

Burckhardt Compression maintains an open dialog with its stakeholders. This includes answering questions and receiving and processing complaints, especially if they concern suspected violations of the Burckhardt Compression Code of Conduct or the Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Targeted communication and grievance channels

Burckhardt Compression maintains targeted communication channels to record and address the concerns of internal and external stakeholders. All internal and external stakeholders are asked to use the designated channels in the first instance. However, they are encouraged to place complaints through the Burckhardt Compression Speak Up reporting channel, especially if a complaint through other channels is obstructive.

Channels for external stakeholders:

Channel Subject areas Contact
General contact for products and services Product and services related inquiries and complaints Local contact
Investor relations Investor related inquiries Investor relations contact
Media and communication Media related inquiries Media contact
Supplier relations Supplier registration, supply chain inquiries Procurement
General contact General inquiries or communication including all requests and notices that are not direct complaints [email protected]
Speak Up reporting channel Reporting of suspected misconduct in violation of the Code of Conduct or law


Channels for internal stakeholders:

Channel Subject areas
Line management First point of contact for all questions and complaints
Local HR For HR specific questions or complaints which cannot be made via the line manager
Legal department For all anti-trust and fair competition matters and all matters which can’t be reported to the line management of local HR (e.g. for conflict of interest reasons).
Speak Up reporting channel Reporting of suspected misconduct in violation of the Code of Conduct or law


Speak Up reporting channel

The Speak Up reporting channel is a third-party managed complaints tool which allows employees, business partners and third parties with knowledge of suspected misconduct to file a complaint. The system is designed to protect the identity of messengers and complaints can be reported also anonymously. The Burckhardt Compression Speak Up reporting channel therefore serves as a last resort for all stakeholders to report misconduct when other channels are not feasible.

Further information on the design, process and principles of the Speak Up reporting channel are specified the Speak Up Policy of Burckhardt Compression.