UP! Remote Support

UP! Remote Support at a glance

  • Guidance from Burckhardt Compression experts via direct connection (audio, video)
  • Enables instant real-time collaboration even in remote production sites or at sea
  • Enables comprehensive exchange of notes, documents, recording sequences, …
  • Can be used almost anywhere thanks to ATEX Zone 1 certification

Burckhardt Compression has developed a remote assistance solution where customers can get direct support from Burckhardt Compression experts for their work by using a tablet, or HoloLens*. The ATEX Zone 1 certification of the tablets provided enables rapid support, even in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Burckhardt Compression experts guide the technician on site step by step through the process with precise instructions. The solution enables a simultaneous audio and video connection between technician and experts. With the help of markups in the video feed as well as document sharing, problems can be defined precisely and technicians can be instructed accurately – all on one display and completely digitally. Burckhardt Compression’s equipment and EcoSystem “Upsolu” can also be used for communication with other partners.

Our services at a glance

  • Troubleshooting
  • Pre-inspection before planned overhauls
  • Crew training prior to maintenance work
  • Remote monitoring of maintenance work

Support depending on environments
Our digital remote support provides fast assistance wherever you are, onshore or offshore. An expert is virtually at your side diagnosing the problem, suggesting solutions, and providing technical guidance.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Faster support by eliminating travel time
  • Easier access to expert knowledge
  • Ideal preparation for planned overhauls
  • Shorter machine downtime
  • Improved communication including visual assistance compared to telephone support
  • Included headset enables smooth communication even in noisy environments

Technical requirements
For digital remote support, only an internet connection at the point of use is required, as well as the devices set up for this purpose, such as tablet or HoloLens; provided by Burckhardt Compression. Depending on the location, the Internet connection is established via the customer network, a mobile data connection or satellite. Customer firewalls remain protected at all times.

  • with ATEX requirement: If digital devices have to be ATEX tested, tablets are currently used to support you. Via tablet camera the technician on site transmits the situation to the expert of Burckhardt Compression.
  • without ATEX requirement: In this case, we offer support via HoloLens* or tablet. This enables optimal, obstruction-free work. The expert from Burckhardt Compression sees on his screen exactly what the technician finds on site and makes precise recommendations.


* HoloLens support in non ATEX environments in preparation