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Burckhardt Compression India Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary and the second largest world class manufacturing facility of Burckhardt Compression AG. Burckhardt Compression India is the centre of competence for the company’s Standard High Pressure Compressor and smaller frame sizes of API 618 compressors and Standard Laby® Compressor packages. The location has best in class capabilities with a strong market focus to serve the world market. Over 250 competent employees work for Burckhardt Compression India in various fields of expertise from product design, development, sales, and operations to customer service. Around half of the workforce is in the age group of 21-30 years, which speaks about the youthfulness and vibrancy in the working environment


“Our goal at Burckhardt Compression India is to build an organization with best-in-class capabilities and a culture of excellence that people are proud to associate with. Guided by our focus on productivity and effectiveness, we endeavor to build an ecosystem that is conducive to performance, innovation, growth and self-development within our talent pool.”

Milind Wagle,
Managing Director



Five reasons to work at Burckhardt Compression India
Holistic development Burckhardt Compression India strives to develop leaders in the organization by enabling them to expand awareness, hone their functional competence, acquire new skills whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Ecological sustainability Burckhardt Compression India continues to anticipate the social and environmental factors which influence its business in long term and pro-actively prepare for those changes.
Work culture Burckhardt Compression India propagates a strong culture of transparency and openness. To enable productivity and efficiency, the Company encourages two way communications across organization, practices an open door policy and empowers its employees with easy access to information.
Empowering ecosystems Burckhardt Compression India’s work culture is conducive for employees to own responsibility and handle critical challenges from an early stage in their career, which helps develop global thinking abilities and build versatility.
Equal opportunities Burckhardt Compression India provides fair & equitable treatment to all employees in all aspects. Development opportunities at Burckhardt Compression India to all employees solely based on merit, equality of opportunity and open competition.