Valve Service

Valve service

Through our global organization and local service centers, we can offer you an extensive service for any compressor type and brand, everywhere. Burckhardt Compression is a capable service partner with dedicated valve experts and fully understands the OEM language. Our solutions are reliable and cost-efficient with international quality processes step by step.

Reconditioning Service

  • Thorough visual check
  • Tracking of full service history
  • Complete disassembly
  • Accurate inspection of all parts (report of situation and condition analysis, root cause analysis)
  • OEM engineering evaluation if required
  • Cleaning (washing / glass bead blasting)
  • Repair and re-machining or re-profiling
  • Replacement of worn parts with new Burckhardt Compression quality parts
  • Cleaning for oxygen service
  • Assembly with correct tightening procedure
  • Complete quality inspection including leakage test and confirmed by the golden label “Guarantee for Quality”
  • Corrosion protection and optimal packing


Your Benefits

  • Major costs savings by refurbishing and reconditioning your valve to like-new
  • Guaranteed equal life-time of reconditioned valve in operation in alike condition
  • Outstanding service partner offering the full service
  • Replacement valves and components are Swiss engineered, featuring premium quality and reliability to ensure the lowest life cycle cost of your compressors
  • Easy identification through valve label stamps
  • Logging and assessment of valve operational history
  • Identify possible optimization and implement actions to improve performance
  •  Leakage test certificate with the measured valves
  • Warehousing and emergency stock keeping if required
  • Fast service and support fulfillment
  • Quick delivery of parts, valves and services

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