UP! Connected Compressor

UP! Connected Compressor At a glance

  • Direct data connection from compressor to analysis tools via IoT secure internet connection
  • Analyze and predict usage and failure patterns for key parts based on collected operational data cross-referenced with our reference database from many years of industry experience
  • Display of data and recommendations on Burckhardt Compression dashboards
  • Data integration with customer ecosystems to share data (usage, failure forecasts, spare parts)


With the introduction of the UP! Connected Compressor product family, we enable our customers to:

  • Optimize the utilization and productivity of their compressors
  • Actively manage and optimize uptime, in particular by optimizing maintenance activities


Directly at the compressor, all relevant values such as vibrations, oscillations or temperature are measured, collected and evaluated. The UP! Connected Compressor makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, compares the measured data with comparable compressors and can use this to accurately predict necessary service work. Anomalies are extrapolated in fractions of a second, and if necessary, the operator is notified immediately. In addition to this improved ability to plan service intervals, the improved data situation enables the operation and efficiency of the compressor to be consistently improved.


IoT for your compressor
Via a dashboard on your computer, you are always informed about the status of your plant, even over distances, as the data is also available in the cloud. This enables both predictive maintenance and optimized service cycles. This significantly increases the productivity of your plant and optimizes operating times. Furthermore, we aim to compare the data of different compressors in your fleet and use them as reference values. This would allow you to optimize the efficiency of the same or similar Burckhardt compressors in your fleet. The collection and analysis of data is always carried out in accordance with legal requirements, in a co-ownership with the customer. Further analyses are completed with anonymized data.

A connection via a so-called EDGE is also offered for compressors of other manufacturers. There, if no access to the compressor control is possible, the data is collected exclusively via sensors.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimized maintenance intervals
  • Reduced (unplanned) downtime
  • Optimized operation
  • Overview of compressor condition
  • Comparisons between the same or similar compressors, thus increasing fleet efficiency


We are currently installing the system with some of our customers in the form of a “co-creation” initiative in order to optimally merge our customers’ operational know-how and Burckhardt Compression’s engineering know-how to train the machine learning models and derive prediction algorithms.