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Marine High-Pressure Compressors – LNG BOG Management Solutions

Upcoming IMO regulations will cut the sulfur content of marine diesel to 0.5% by the year 2020. LNG will consequently become a competitive alternative fuel for merchant ships.

With LNG-powered ships, there are usually two different types of tanks installed. Pressurized type C tanks operate at up to 4 bar a and atmospheric type B or membrane tanks between 1.03 – 2 bar a. As the tank pressure must be maintained within the tank pressure specifications, the occurring boil-off gas (BOG) must be managed to protect the structural integrity. BOG management compressors enable the usage of membrane tanks without exceeding the specified maximum tank pressure. For type C tanks, they also provide the possibility to reduce maximum pressure specifications and therefore support lowering the tank’s operational costs.

The Marine High-Pressure Compressor offered by Burckhardt Compression is able to handle relatively low BOG rates at 50 – 900 kg/h and compresses the BOG to the pressure level required by the onboard consumers or storage tanks.

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BOG Management on Merchant Ships