Compressor Technology

Leading Compressor Technology

The Laby® Compressors are the result of the vast experience gained by Burckhardt Compression over many decades. The unique design has been accomplished through close collaboration with our customers throughout the world. Based on their needs, Burckhardt Compression provides a rugged and reliable compressor of Swiss design and manufacture. Certified Swiss manufacturing, quality management and a committed workforce ensure a constant high level of quality.

Initial Costs

Outstanding performance through:

  • High-precision manufacturing
  • Top quality standards
  • Know-how and expertise
  • Rugged design

Premium solution at attractive initial costs

Operating Costs

  • Low consumption of consumables
  • Easy operation
  • Outstanding durability of all compressor components
  • No loss of valuable product
  • Shorter and less production downtimes

Compressor with lowest operating costs

Maintenance Costs

  • Elimination of many wear parts
  • Key compressor component are designed for highest durability
  • Longest MTBO
  • Reduction in lost production time
  • Attractive pricing of spare parts

Compressor with lowest maintenance costs

Lowest Life Cycle Costs

Our philosophy of attractive initial costs, lowest operating costs, substantially reduced maintenance costs and fair pricing of our services result in lowest life cycle costs.

80% Less Maintenance Costs

“The comparison between labyrinth and conventional units (…) involves the exact same service in the same size range; there, the maintenance cost for lube-free conventional machines exceeded that of the labyrinth machines by almost five to one.”

Source: H.P. Bloch, Chemical Engineering, July 18 1988