We support our customers on their sustainability journey

Increasingly, our customers are embarking on a sustainability journey, just as we are. With our products and services, we can support our customers on this path. When it comes to energy efficiency or reduction of gas leakages, we can realize significant savings together with our customers, since around 99% of the greenhouse gas footprint of a compressor comes from the use phase. If we consider the approximately 70’000 existing industrial-sized reciprocating compressors in the world, our potential positive impact is substantial.

With our products and services, we can support our customers on their sustainability journey.

Enhanced sustainability and reliability with BC ACTIVATE

Our service BC ACTIVATE is a structure assessment program to analyze, evaluate and optimize compressor systems of our customers. It focuses on the reliability and sustainability of compressors and can be applied to systems in land-based industries.

For the marine industry, we offer BC ACTIVATE Marine as a pre-inspection tool before a scheduled dry dock.

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Emission management solutions (EMS) to counteract climate change

Burckhardt Compression specializes in providing advanced solutions to enhance the sealing of reciprocating compressors and tackle the issue of gas leakage. With our leading technology and expertise, we effectively reduce fugitive emissions from occuring at the rod.

By implementing our solutions, we can significantly improve operations of our customers, minimize environmental impact and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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