Working at BC

working at bc

Burckhardt Compression’s good reputation and the trust bestowed upon the company largely depend on the integrity and conduct of each and every one of us. We attach great importance to treating each other as well as our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and other business partners fairly and equitably. We have no doubt that this is the only way to achieve lasting success.

Our professionally competent and personally committed employees are praised by customers time and again. At all level of the workforce, be it on the shop floor or in the office, or a service technician, a project manager or a top executive. We systematically promote the internal exchange of knowledge, continuing education programs, and the training and development of junior staff. Burckhardt Compression actively supports talent development at all levels of the workforce. Vacancies are also announced through internal channels. We are often able to fill vacancies with internal candidates. This gives us the extra advantage of building upon existing in-house knowledge and experience and it also offers our employees attractive career opportunities.

As a result, long-tem employees turnover averages less than seven percent an the typical employee has been with the company for eleven years. These statistics attest to Burckhardt Compression’s attractiveness as an employer, from which customers around the world ultimately benefit.