Petrochemical/Chemical Industry

Petrochemical/Chemical Industry

The production of a vast range of petrochemical and chemical products such as polyolefin (polymers), lacquers, synthetic rubbers, adhesives and dyes, solvents, paints, fertilizer, detergents or textiles entails, among other things, the processing of oil, natural gas and even coal. Demand for petrochemical and chemical products, especially for polyolefin, will steadily increase worldwide over the long term. In this application area companies will continue their efforts to reduce costs by replacing smaller scale plants with larger ones, establishing strategic production sites, and extending value added-chains.

Burckhardt Compression offers several product lines with individual, reliable and benchmark-setting reciprocating compressor solutions for a broad spectrum of applications:

    • Ammonia Production
    • Benezene Production
    • Chlorine Production
    • EPDM (Rubber)
    • Ethylene Glycol Production
    • Ethylene Oxide Production
    • Ethylene Production
    • LDPE
    • Methanol Production
    • PET Production Process
    • Polycarbonate Production
    • Polyethylene Production
    • Polypropylene Production
    • TDI Production
    • Toluene Production
    • Xylene Production

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Ethylene Oxide