Refining Expertise

Refining expertise – Solutions for all applications

Your Benefits - Our Refining Expertise

Specific sizing & layout of the right equipment

Choosing the right equipment is essential for the efficient operation of the compressor system and therewith the entire plant. Burckhardt Compressions offers profound refining expertise and knowledge of the engineering and design of compressors and individual auxiliary components backed by its in-house sizing tool RecipCalc™ and its global engineering center organization. These competence centers support global delivery of Swiss quality solutions while meeting all applicable of standards and local regulations.

Outstanding project management and engineering expertise

Burckhardt Compression has integrated its design expertise stemming from decades of reciprocating compressor engineering into an advanced and constantly improving holistic engineering tool suite. The use of this tool suite, from first customer contact to delivery, enables us to produce highly available, reliable and efficient compressor systems solutions. Our proprietary and fully integrated engineering tool suite includes:

– Compressor design & selection of material
– Piston rings and rod packing operation modeling
– Performance calculations
– Full load cycle analysis
– Valve dynamics analysis
– Pulsation & vibration analysis
– Torsional analysis and drive train design
– 3D-modeling
– Thermal design for heat exchangers

Full compliance with various standards

In order to meet diverse standards and regulations worldwide, Burckhardt Compression has established an extensive refining expertise, knowledge and experience base. Our dedicated team of refinery experts provides certified compressor solutions specifically designed according to most industry standards, local regulations, highly demanding licensor/client specifications as well as our own tried-and-tested Burckhardt Compression standard.

Instrumentation, control & monitoring

Burckhardt Compression offers a complete portfolio of electrical-engineering services. Our in-house competencies include scoping of instrumentation, defining of control interfaces and designing of local instrument boards, operator panels and control cabinets. We provide sophisticated in-house solutions for the engineering of control concepts and the standardized programming of redundant and safety-oriented control systems. In addition, our experts have managed asynchronous and synchronous motor projects involving power ratings of up to 30 MW or more, coordinated customer and motor supplier requirements, and provided consulting on all technical aspects of electric motors and drive systems.

Remote condition monitoring and diagnostic systems for reciprocating compressors are valuable instruments for enhancing operating safety and prolonging service intervals. Permanent machine diagnostics detects faults at an early stage and thus helps to avoid costly and unscheduled downtime. Burckhardt Compression recommends PROGNOST Systems, which can be fully integrated into a control cabinet upon request.

Customized & standardized solutions

Burckhardt Compression understands the different customer needs in terms of specification and cost-efficiency. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions for all refinery processes handling hydrogen mixtures, off-gases as well as abrasive, corrosive, toxic, explosive or cryogenic gases. In addition, our customers can benefit from a wide range of standardized sets and products based on decades of experience in refinery solutions.

Transportation & installation

Upon request, we assume full responsibility for the transportation and installation of the entire ­compressor system, worldwide. This helps EPCs to schedule better and reduce overall project risks and enables on-time startup of the compressor without expensive time losses and deviations.