Marine Solutions



We are maritime enthusiasts. Just like you.

What you need, when and where you need it.  Our dedicated marine team offers comprehensive solutions to maximize the performance of your compressor systems based on a thorough understanding of your needs / business.

No matter what kind of vessel, Burckhardt Compression is your partner on the water.
Offering exceptionally engineered components and innovative service solutions, our support ensures confidence and peace of mind.

We are where you need us – backed by a worldwide network of more than 130 field service representatives who cover all major ports and vessel routes.
Trust us to ensure maximum compressor uptime and productivity.

Our service is wherever you are - at sea and in port

Component Solutions

What you need when you need it.  

Burckhardt Compression is your gateway to maximum fleet availability. A worldwide network of field service representatives ensures fast delivery and replacement of spare parts and components. This includes onboard services as well as pitstop stations along vessel routes for swing set exchanges and repair.

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Project Solutions

Upgrade and rejuvenate. 

Tailor-made engineering solutions are our passion. The Burckhardt Compression maritime team has a deep understanding of marine requirements and technology. We truly enjoy supporting you and offer you an advanced holistic approach in modernizing or retrofitting your system with state-of-the-art upgrades of your machinery including all auxiliary systems, instruments and controls systems. 

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Partnership Solutions

When one size does not fit all. 

Streamline your marine operations by delegating selected operational tasks to our dedicated team. This incorporates Life Cycle und Fleet Management, Remote Monitoring & Diagnosing and even Risk Sharing. Your company gains agility while minimizing the life cycle cost of your fleet.

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Digital Solutions

Digitalization matters.

Digital solutions rapidly transform the maritime world. Burckhardt Compression actively supports this evolution with highly efficient and cost effective systems.
The key: analyse and boost the performance of your marine assets anytime and anywhere. To this end, Burckhardt Compression offers the advantages of a one-stop shopping, tried and tested portfolio that includes everything from shore based remote condition monitoring to sophisticated, centrally controlled maintenance.

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