April 18, 2024 | Success Story, Europe, Laby® Compressor, Marine

Swift repair brings vessel back in only 40 days

Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V. is a prominent gas shipping company operating 30 modern gas carriers. Installed on these vessels are 56 Laby® compressors from Burckhardt Compression, all operating under a partnership agreement.

We recently conducted maintenance aboard the LPG carrier “Coral Siderea”. Although the initial work focused on valve exchange, our Field Service Representative (FSR) identified severe damage to the cylinder, crankshaft, and piston. This critical situation demanded immediate attention. The vessel was temporarily taken out of commercial service until repairs were completed. Given the substantial daily costs incurred by downtime, swift action was essential. Burckhardt Compression, with multiple service centers across Europe, rose to the challenge. In the southern region of Spain, a free dry dock was found, providing a secure and steady environment for carrying out the necessary repairs. Remarkably, the entire process took just 40 days, and the Coral Siderea was soon back on the high seas.

René van Dierendonck, Asset Manager, Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V.

“Burckhardt Compression delivered exceptional service and outstanding results. This incredible team truly exemplified excellence and their commitment to delivering top-notch service was evident in every interaction. Clear, concise, and timely communication made the entire process seamless and having one single point of contact made it very easy to coordinate. The work delivered was of the highest quality, exceeding our expectations. The Field Service Representatives who came on board were not only professional but also incredibly knowledgeable. A big thank you to this exceptional team. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking excellence. They are more than just service providers; they are true partners in success.”

Customer Challenges:

  • Severe damages on cylinder, crankshaft, and piston
  • Massive time pressure
  • Substantial costs caused by downtime
  • New parts had to be certified under Class by Bureau Veritas
Damaged cylinder transported from vessel in dry dock


Manufacturer: Burckhardt Compression 
Type Laby® 2K140 Gas LPG
Power 215 kW / 288 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

1 bar / 14.5 psi

17 bar / 246.5 psi

Speed 590 rpm Lubrication yes


Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Repair of cylinder – bored to oversize
  • Delivery of new oversized piston
  • New crankshaft on stock in our compressor pool – rework crankshaft to fit exact requirements
  • Flywheel and counterweights exchanged and reworked
  • Certification for all parts under Class
  • Efforts were undertaken across multiple Service Centers in Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland to expedite the process
  • Installation and commissioning by Field Service Representatives in two-shift mode to reduce downtime
  • Daily status report to customer and regular status meetings with involved parties
Installation of new crankshaft

Customer Benefits:

  • OEM knowledge and facilities minimized project timeframe
  • One single point of contact for fast communication
  • One-stop solution for all challenges
  • Global service network working together like clockwork
  • Fast reactions and flexible solutions
New piston just before delivery

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