UP! Solutions – our partners to build your digital solutions

UP! Solutions – our partners to build your digital solutions

In todays connected world, ensuring reliable 24/7 service for our customers, requires a strong network of partners which have a global footprint and are able to act timely and agile.

We are proud to be in the position of having such strong partners, who will together with our customers keep enhancing our existing solutions as well as to build more game changing digital solutions to ensure high business continuity.


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Collaboration with PTC for even more proximity to the customer

PTC’s unique portfolio of CADPLMIoT, and AR technologies—delivered on-prem, hybrid, and SaaS—creates a closed loop between the digital and physical worlds to transform how everything around is engineered, manufactured, and serviced. This digital thread enables continuity of data across departments and fosters collaboration across functions, empowering the people who are involved at every step.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 remote assist

Microsofts Dynamics 365 remote assist proved to be the right solution to build our UP! Remote Support service on. Together with a strong partner like Microsoft we are proud to deliver you a strong remote service support that withholds reckless conditions of heavy sea.

Microsoft Success Story

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ITMP strengthens our digital innovation unit

ITMP combines an agile approach, customer-centric doing, business and technology understanding with a top management perspective. They are a strong partner to ensure that customer needs are addressed and solutions found to improve your business continuity.

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University of St. Gallen Spin-off

With ITMP being a spin-off of the renouned University of St. Gallen, our customers and we, enjoy access to profound knowledge in innovation management, digital transformation and networks.

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