LNG Export Terminals

LNG Export Terminals

More and more export terminals are built across the globe. Natural gas arriving from gas processing plants is chilled down to cryogenic temperatures (-162°C) for liquefaction and storage in cryogenic tanks. Handling the natural gas that boils-off from LNG (Liquefied natural gas) or is displaced from tank volumes when the tanks onshore or on LNG carriers are being filled up is a demanding application.

Gas Flow Export Terminal

Burckhardt Compression’s Laby® Compressor solution for LNG export terminal boil-off gas (BOG) handling fit best to comply with the requirements of this application:

  • The highly flexible reciprocating compression solution provides best process controllability at varying gas conditions as gas pressure, gas temperature, gas composition or gas mass flow.
  • The unique, contactless labyrinth sealing system allows oil-free compression of LNG BOG at suction temperatures down to -162°C.
  • The contactless labyrinth sealing technology enables the export terminal operators to start-up and shut down the compressor without the need for pre-heating the gas or pre-cooling the compressor.
  • The freedom to startup the compressor only when gas transfer is needed reduces the operation hours of the compressors and thus minimizes energy consumption while maximizing the compressors mean time between overhaul (MTBO).
  • The gas tight design minimizes gas losses to flare and costs for N2


Burckhardt Compression offers its compressor solutions as complete turn-key installations, engineered packages or bare shaft compressors. Our in-house competence includes compressor design and sizing, pulsation and vibration studies, plant engineering, instrumentation and PLC programming.