The Application Process

The Application Process

Our goal is to select the right candidates for the right positions while at the same time ensuring that the application process is fair and transparent for all applicants. We therefore concentrate exclusively on the relevant skills and knowledge each candidate offers.


Digital application

You submit your application online and we send you a confirmation upon receipt.



The responsible HR Manager evaluates your application together with the other applications that have been submitted based on the job description and requirements. If you meet the position requirements, your application will be forwarded to the responsible manager.


Initial job interview

The first hurdle has been passed: Our HR Manager and the responsible manager want to meet you in person. We’ll discuss your CV, work experience and qualifications at this interview and make an initial decision as to whether you fit in with Burckhardt Compression and our corporate culture. This meeting is also intended to give you an opportunity to learn more about your potential new job and working environment and about Burckhardt Compression as an employer. At the end of this interview, you will know what the next steps are and by when you can expect feedback from us. You will also be given an overview of the general terms and conditions of employment.


Subsequent interviews and/or assessment center

Subsequent interviews will vary depending on the function and duties of the job at hand. Before arranging a final job interview, you may be invited to spend a day at the company or at an assessment center where you will have to present solutions to certain tasks. At the final job interview you will have the opportunity to learn more about the work involved, see the workplace and meet the next higher ranking manager and team colleagues. After this meeting the successful candidate will receive a job offer with a salary proposal based on Burckhardt Compression’s pay practices and policies. We may contact the references that you have provided and, if necessary, clarify the necessary formalities for obtaining a work permit. We will provide you with feedback as soon as possible.


Employment contract

We draw up employment contracts in accordance with the mutually agreed provisions. After you have signed and returned the employment contract to our HR office, you are officially part of the Burckhardt Compression family.


Your start at Burckhardt Compression AG

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the company!  Before you start, you will receive information facilitating your transition into the company. On your first day at work you will be greeted by your supervisor or HR manager. An induction program will guide you through your initial orientation period at Burckhardt Compression.