HR China

Burckhardt Compression Shanghai Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary and the third largest world class manufacturing facility of Burckhardt Compression AG. Burckhardt Compression Shanghai Co. Ltd. is organized in the following areas: Shanghai manufacturing factory, Beijing office and Xian workshop.

Over 70 competent employees work for Burckhardt Compression Shanghai in various fields of expertise from compressor system sales, project management, customer service & support, component service center and valve manufacturing. Around half of our workforce is in the age group of 30-40 years, which graduated from university with degrees in mechanics; some of them have even obtained master degree and have rich working experience in multinational companies.

Burckhardt Compression Shanghai provides unique learning opportunities for its employees in honing their functional competence, expanding their awareness and giving them exposure to cutting edge technology. In addition, our employees spend time at the headquarter in Switzerland for both short term trainings and long term assignments.

Burckhardt Compression Shanghai encourages leadership at all levels, empowering our employees to take initiative, bring in ideas and drive their careers. Burckhardt Compression Shanghai not only expects its employees to take on responsibility proactively, but also to pool their talents to create something greater than anyone could do alone.