Compressor Solutions

Upstream Oil & Gas

The exploration and production of oil and natural gas requires a variety of compressor solutions. We offer tailored systems.

Gas Transport & Storage

The liquefaction of natural gas reduces volumes by factor 600. We offer economic solutions for the compressing and reliquefying of BOG.


Changing crude oil qualities, stringent environmental regulations are creating new challenges. Highest availability and lowest life cycle costs get more important.

Petro-/Chemical Industry

Lacquers, synthetic rubbers, solvents, paints, fertilizer, detergents or textiles entails the processing of oil and natural gas. We offer the corresponding compressor solutions.

Industrial Gases

In the metalworking, in the green or energy technology, various compressors are used for the production of industrial gases.

Compressor Technologies

The complete range of reciprocating compressors and services, highest quality standards as well as being close to the customers and ultrarapid response time.