Redura® Sealing Solutions

Redura® Sealing Solutions from Burckhardt Compression provide the optimal sealing experience. Whatever your need, a Redura® solution fulfills any requirement. It is based on our comprehensive portfolio of standard rings and specifically in-house developed and patented designs, combined with our own proprietary range of materials. Optimized combinations of different ring designs provide the sealing solution you need. With every solution, we strive for the optimal sealing system to match the application and requirements of our customers.

Redura® Sealing Solutions are suitable for any reciprocating compressor brand and model.

• Redura® Rod Sealing Solution
• Redura® Piston Sealing Solution
• Redura® Oil Sealing Solution


Redura® Rod Sealing Solution

Redura® Rod Packing Case

Packings are typically subject to a combination of static and dynamic pressure components. The two pressure components differ considerably in terms of their influence on the sealing system’s behavior:

  • Dynamic pressure component results in a high degree of wear, failure by fracture or creep
  • Static pressure difference is the primary load parameter influencing the leakage rate

The distribution of the two pressure components among various sealing elements is used to optimize sealing systems:

  • Pressure relieved or sealing systems with defined wear limit in the vicinity of the compression chamber to buffer the dynamic pressure difference
  • Subsequent gastight sealing elements are used to handle the static pressure

Sealing systems designed by Burckhardt Compression typically consist of at least two different sealing element designs to ensure optimized pressure distribution.


Redura® Piston Sealing Solution

Double Acting Piston

Exact design to meet your requirements assures optimal sealing for every compression mode:

  • Double acting
  • Single acting
  • Dual acting

The respective pressure components have a major influence on the design of an efficient piston sealing system. The importance of the different pressure components and load conditions has led to the development of sealing systems that provide optimal sealing performance and lowest life-cycle costs. Redura® Piston Sealing Solutions consist of a combination of different piston and rider rings. This combination allows each ring to fully deploy its optimum sealing efficiency while reducing wear to a minimum.


Redura® Oil Sealing Solution

Redura® Oil Sealing Solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s plant managers and operators. Giving confidence that the crankcase oil remains safely in the crankcase. Our oil wiper packing reduces oil consumption as well as cost and – at the same time – protects the environment from leakage.

Optimized sealing performance:

  • Longest MTBO (mean time between overhaul)
  • Highest availability
  • Lowest life-cycle costs
  • Improved compliance with waste management requirements


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