Burckhardt Poppet Valve™

The Burckhardt Poppet Valve™ is a smart choice to reduce your operating costs. It performs excellently in demanding applications with gases containing oil and particles as well for clean gases like oxygen. The optimized flow area results in less pressure drop and increased efficiency. Furthermore, the design allows for easy maintenance and offers significant advantages as follows:


Burckhardt Poppet Valve™ - Details (Click to enlarge)
Burckhardt Poppet Valve™ – Details (Click to enlarge)


  • Valve service without special tools, reconditioning can be done on the spot
  • No need for specially trained people to perform valve service
  • Re-profiling of valve seat not required thanks to the replaceable seat plate



  • Outstanding performance with contaminated gases, less oil stiction
  • Insensitive to different thermal expansion and humidity in the gas
  • Less clogging than plate valves for dirty or wet gases
  • Improved aerodynamic flow path leads to lower pressure drop and higher efficiency



  • Lower noise emissions and reduced vibrations achievable
  • Less sensitive to variable operating conditions
  • Minimized risk of secondary damage to the compressor parts in case of a failure
  • The metallic springs are protected from gas stream by the non-metallic poppet body




Technical Details

Compressor speed max. 1’000 rpm
Pressure difference max. 170 bar / 2’466 psi
Temperature range from –200 to +220 °C / –328 to +428 °F
Diameter dimensions min. 40 mm / 1.57 in, max. 383 mm / 15.08 in



The valve body parts are made of standard material X12 stainless steel (AISI 416). Other proprietary materials are available on request.

  • High performance thermoplastic polymers (e.g. PEEK and polyamide with appropriate fillers)
  • Filled PTFE for cryogenic applications and for compressing highly aggressive gases