UP! Solutions – references

Up! Solutions – References

UP! Solutions help our customers to maximize productivity and have full control on the total cost management, due to flexible and agile expert engineering support and precise data collection, which avoids unplanned shutdowns through optimized service intervals.

Together with our customers and partners we are continuously enhancing our portfolio of digital solution for products and services and invite you herewith to learn how we support our customers together with our partners.

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Success story by Microsoft on UP! Remote Support

Microsoft, August 11, 2021
Burckhardt Compression accelerates critical service to customers with Dynamics 365

To power the marine industry and ship gas around the world, Burckhardt Compression manufactures and services massive gas compressors. Highly available maintenance is critical. But with ships often in remote locations, it took a lot of time and resources to dispatch a service engineer to fix an issue. Burckhardt Compression adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist so that engineers can quickly collaborate with ship technicians in remote locations and provide specialized mechanical expertise. The company successfully reduced costs, decreased its carbon footprint, and can now respond to customer needs in mere minutes instead of days.

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