Automation Technician VET

Automation Technician VET

The VET program for Automation Technicians – what’s it all about?

Automation technicians are primarily responsible for the construction of control and automation systems and for optimizing control systems. They also assemble and wire up switch cabinets and are responsible for commissioning and servicing systems. In addition to their predominantly mechanical tasks, automation technicians also program control systems and analyze and eliminate any problems that may arise. The vocational program for an automation technician is very wide-ranging and comprehensive. Subsequent to a two-year basic training at the libs vocational college in Oerlikon, you will be able to gain an insight into many different areas of the Burckhardt Compression AG company – from project processing to creating CAD diagrams, wiring at supplier premises and working in the test center where our machine programs are tested.


What qualifications should I have?bco_26012016_0493_sonam

As a sound understanding of technical products and processes is of great importance for the profession of automation technician, you should be very interested in technology and technical backgrounds. In addition to this, a good knowledge of basic mathematical principles is important – particularly in algebra – as you will have a lot of calculating to do as an automation technician.

A strong interest in English is an advantage since we are an internationally active company. You should also enjoy interacting with other people and be a good team player.


Where does the training program take place?

Following two years of basic training at the libs training center in Oerlikon, the last two years of the apprenticeship take place at Burckhardt Compression AG.


Can I request a trial apprenticeship?

It is possible to gain an impression of the trade and training at the libs training center in Oerlikon and directly at Burckhardt Compression AG from the spring term of your second year of secondary schooling.


Where can I apply for an apprenticeship?

You can send your application directly to the AZW Training Center in Winterthur via email or post:

AZW Ausbildungszentrum Winterthur
Zürcherstrasse 25
P.O. Box 414
CH-8401 Winterthur
[email protected]




“The automation technician VET program is extremely interesting and diversified, as it covers everything from planning to ultimate implementation and final inspection. For people who are really interested in technology, this is the perfect choice! Program graduates can also continue their vocational training in many different fields of industry – the opportunities for trained automation technicians are countless.”

Marcel Iten, practical instructor, automation technicians