Liquefied natural gas (LNG): energy security in turbulent times

LNG and its transport by ship enable companies and countries to access secure energy sources, especially in turbulent times. Our systems and services play a crucial role in the transport of LNG and in the current energy transition of the shipping industry.

Our Laby®-GI Compressor is the world’s only completely oil-free and leakage-free high-pressure reciprocating compressor for LNG carriers.

Bridging technology on the way to sustainable shipping

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a bridging technology on the way to sustainable shipping. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by up to 25% compared with heavy fuel oil thanks to use of gas as a fuel and modern ship design.


Record order intake for LNG marine compressors and services

Supporting this growing need, Burckhardt Compression received in fiscal year 2022 a record level of orders for its Laby®-GI compressors and for related services, which are growing at an accelerated pace to support the increasing installed base of compressors.

Unique solution on the market

The Laby®-GI is a third generation high -pressure compressor, which was specifically developed for installation on LNG carriers that are equipped with MAN ME-GI engines. It offers additional features surch as completely dry-running cylinders on all stages, along with a higher efficiency. Furthermore, the Laby®-GI compressor is the world’s only completely leakage-free high-pressure compressor for LNG carriers. Its absence of methane slippages is unique on the market and is an essential part of our value proposition.

Burckhardt Compression is also the only manufacturer capable of compressing gas to 300 bar by means of a large ring-seal compressor system without cylinder lubrication. Oil-free compression of the gas renders oil separation and filtration of the gas superfluous and saves up to 1’200 liters of lubricant per year, therefore contributing to costs savings and to the sustainability agenda of our customers.

Unique ability to service the compressor fleet

Burckhardt Compression offers maximum fleet availability. A worldwide network of field service representatives ensures fast delivery and replacement of spare parts and components. This includes onboard services as well as pitstop stations along vessel routes. With our digital solutions we help prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Condition monitoring allows us to keep track of our customers’ equipment remotely at any time and enables predictive maintenance scheduling. Condition-based maintenance analyzes more than 20’000 sensor samples per second. It recognizes more than 150 failure patterns derived from hundreds of machines with millions of operating hours. With this database, we can reduce off-quality production, increase efficiency, and lengthen equipment life while minimizing unscheduled downtime.

New regulations and future outlook

After a certain moderation due to the currently full order book of shipyards, the market demand for LNG carriers is expected to remain on a high level for the coming five to ten years, and upcoming regulations for methane slippages and CO2 taxes may further benefit the ME-GI/Laby®-GI solution. The market for services is expected to continue its growth, with an increased importance of digital solutions.