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UP! Solutions stands for user-friendliness, maximized productivity thanks to the greatest possible uptime, total cost management and thus for the success of our customers. Precise data collection and evaluation avoids unplanned shutdowns and optimizes service intervals.

Plant operation is geared towards maximum efficiency with minimum downtime. By predicting a potential failure and translating it into planned maintenance, it can be averted.

UP! Solutions provides the highest level of control and convenience to help our customers remain leaders in innovation and technology.

For future requirements and highest productivity
Digital technologies enable ongoing optimization. To gain new information about the operation of the machines, process and control data are collected and mathematical algorithms are derived. This enables the compressor to communicate with the computer. The evaluation of the collected data, such as oscillations, vibration or temperature, together with Burckhardt Compression’s expertise leads to increased efficiency and reduced costs. This is because anomalies are extrapolated in fractions of a second and the operator is notified immediately if necessary. By comparing the measured data with comparable compressors, necessary service work can be accurately predicted.

Digital technologies also open the door to remote support or even digital training. Applications that save both travel time and costs.

Optimized for our customers
Our customers strive to keep the cost of operating their plants as low as possible. By processing operating data, they avoid unnecessary maintenance work and optimize intervals.

Customer feedback
“Classical maintenance is not attractive anymore – We don‘t want to open that thing just to see that everything is good” says Martin Burton, Deputy Fleet Manager BW LNG

UP! Remote Support

UP! Remote Support offers you fast help wherever you are. A technician virtually assists you, diagnoses the problem, suggests solutions, and provides technical training.

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UP! Connected Compressor

UP! Connected Compressor uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your productivity and increase uptime through predictive maintenance and optimized service cycles.

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UP! Solutions Navigator

UP! Solutions Configurator provides all relevant information at a glance, from orders to machine parts to maintenance history. It also makes it easy and effortless to contact all the relevant people at Burckhardt Compression.

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UP! Solutions - our partners to build your digital solutions

In todays connected world, ensuring reliable 24/7 service for our customers, requires a strong network of partners.

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UP! Solutions - references

Up! Solutions help our customers to maximize productivity and have full control on the total cost management.

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