Our Employees

We adheres to time tested values and principles. Our corporate culture is sustained by the skills and dedication of our employees. They are the foundation of our entrepreneurial success. We solve even the most intricate of challenges for our customers with passion and dedication creating lasting, dependable partnerships rooted in trust.



Hanny (Dong Zihai)
Project Team Leader

I like working in a challenging environment. During my career at Burckhardt Compression, I was confronted with many different tasks and responsibilities. The company has always helped me by providing systematic training and proactive support and also facilitated cooperation with my colleagues all over the world.

Liu Fenghiu

Liu Fenghui
Manager Accounting and Administration

I have been with the company for a long time now and I am still improving my expertise. It is great exchanging know-how with colleagues in global teams and projects. The different cultures are sometimes challenging for me, but the training programs I’m offered make me feel more confident in my abilities and collaboration with others.


Jessica Olvera
Applications Engineer

Since joining Burckhardt Compression US, I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to participate in a variety of projects. My job gives me a unique opportunity to work with many different people, both locally and globally. I have peers across the world, and the projects I work on are supported by a dedicated group of co-workers in Switzerland and India. With the encouragement and support of my managers/peers, I have been given the tools I need to focus on my career goals.


Isaac McLean Shardow
Manufacturing Detailschlosserei 969

Together we can achieve a lot, we are strong. That’s what makes a team special. There is an atmosphere of trust here and that motivates employees to give their best.


Kathrin Bosshard
Team Leader Plant Sizing &
 Development  80%

People in a leadership position do not need to know everything. It’s more important that they create an optimal working environment and give the team the support it needs to perform its tasks. As for myself, I appreciate the support I have been given in my role as a young manager and mother by being allowed to work flexible hours.

Patrick Schwizer
Research Engineer, FEM Simulation

My job is to analyze the structural integrity of all parts of a compressor, so that they last for a lifetime.
In this role, I get to see brand new compressor developments and all kinds of research projects first hand.
This makes my work very interesting but also challenging as we often enter new territory.