SHP Compressors

Standard High-Pressure Compressors – Compact Package for Demanding Applications

The compact Standard High-Pressure Compressors from Burckhardt Compression guarantee highest operational efficiency. Thanks to leading technology and in-house manufactured components, our customers can put their full trust in our highly reliable compressor systems. The variety of gases handled by our Standard High-Pressure Compressor, which includes critical and extremely light gases, makes it a powerful and unique solution.

Standard High-Pressure Compressor - Design FeaturesStandard High-Pressure Compressor – Design Features (click to enlarge)

Design Features

  • Cylinder configuration – ‘W’ for CU and inverted ‘T’ for CT
  • Trunk piston design
  • Skid-mounted, tested units
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Air-cooled design
  • Auto condensate drain
  • Concentric valves
  • High degree of standardization
  • Minimal spares requirement



  • Bottling plants for industrial gases
  • BOG handling
  • Fuel gas injection (dual-fuel engines)
  • Electrolysis plants
  • Argon/helium recovery systems
  • NGV/CNG refueling systems
  • Hydropower stations
  • Hydrotreatment
  • Hydrodesulphurization
  • Seismic research
  • Steel industry
  • Purification & recovery Systems
  • Breathing air
  • Oil well servicing
  • Industrial gases handling
  • Marine boil-off gas handling
  • Air separation plants
  • Air-blast circuit breaker systems
  • Fertilizer plants and many more


Gases Handled

  • Air
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Argon
  • Natural Gas
  • Other non-corrosive gases and gas mixtures