Sustainability in practice

“Through our activities, we want to make a real and measurable contribution to the global energy transition and thus create long-term value – for the environment, for society and for our company.”

Fabrice Billard


Our commitment to sustainable value creation

As an industrial technology company, we are specialized in reciprocating compression solutions for all types of gases. With a company history stretching back over 178 years and products with a useful life to more than half a century, we base our business decisions on a long-term perspective. And we approach sustainability with the same mindset: pragmatic, focused on the long-term, creating value and impact driven.

Strategic approach

Our strategic approach to sustainability is based on our eight material topics. We are committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as defined by the United Nations. Our approach is aligned with the SDGs and based on five sustainability ambitions.

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Material topics

We used a materiality analysis to determine where our company’s activities have the greatest impact on society, the environment and the economy, and which topics are relevant to our stakeholders. In doing so, we have defined eight material topics that are firmly anchored in our strategy and in our sustainability roadmap.

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Sustainability governance

All sustainability-related activities are supervised by the Board of Directors, which leads our commitment to sustainability together with the Executive Management. Responsibilities are clearly defined at every level and closely linked to strategy.

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