H2 Offshore Production

Compressor Solutions for Offshore H2 Production

The energy transformation requires a large amount of green hydrogen. The power produced at offshore wind parks can be converted into hydrogen. Hydrogen produced on offshore platforms can be compressed for storage or injected into pipelines.

Burckhardt Compression is one of the global market leaders in the field of reciprocating compressors. Its compressor systems are used in various applications
and markets, such as offshore and marine as well as hydrogen mobility and energy. We offer oil-free compressor systems maintaining highest hydrogen purity.

Customer Benefits

  • Pipeline compressors up to 100 bar
  • Operational flexibility for high efficiency
  • Oil-free compression for highest hydrogen purity
  • Long service intervals (MTBO > 27’000 h)
  • Fully balanced compressor design protecting the platform structure and installed equipment
  • Vertical compressor design for smaller footprint
  • Skidded solutions for easy installation
  • Remote monitoring for unmanned operation
  • Qualified offshore service capabilities


Design Features

  • Gas-tight crankcase for greater safety and zero gas loss
  • No vibrations due to elimination of unbalanced forces and moments
  • Highly efficient and flexible part load operation due to innovative flow control concept
  • Designed according to marine and offshore standards
  • Available as storage compressor (up to 550 bar)


Technical Data

Type Mass Flow
kg/h / lbs/h
Rated Power
kW / hp
mm / in
mm / in
3LP250 2’000 / 4’410 1’250 / 1’675 7’000 / 276 5’500 / 217 13’000 / 512
6LP250 4’000 / 8’820 2’500 / 3’350 7’000 / 276 5’500 / 217 13’000 / 512


Numbers based on calculation example compressor skid for offshore pipeline injection. Gas suction pressure: 30 bar a / 435 psi a, discharge pressure: 90 bar a / 1’305 psi a, temperature: 20 °C (68 °F)