Systems / Corporate IT Specialist VET

Systems / Corporate IT Specialist VET


The VET program for Systems Technology Specialists – what’s it about?

Systems technology is an occupational field specializing in the planning and installation of networks and also monitoring and troubleshooting those networks.  The vocational training program for IT systems technology specialists is multifaceted and challenging and offers a great deal of variety. It begins with a one-year school training program at the AZW Training Center in Winterthur to learn the basics. The first deployment at Burckhardt Compression AG is in the IT support department. One example of the work done here is the servicing and monitoring of IT hardware and software. Specific tasks could be: Setting up user profiles, maintenance of IT infrastructure, incl. printers and communications infrastructure, installation of individual workstations, and much more. In the later stages of your apprenticeship you will learn to set up and maintain client and server systems, for example, or standardize ICT processes.


The VET program for Business IT Specialists – what’s it about?bco_15012016_1375_nico

Business IT specialists are all-rounders and may be deployed in the fields of both systems technology and software development. Customers are supported in complex IT projects and problems and receive instructions on the introduction and use of new software. New equipment is put into operation, servers are installed and configured, networks are managed. You are responsible for customer and user support as well as system performance and reliability. You develop software for use in services, processes, products and control systems.


What qualifications should I have to become a systems technology or business IT specialist (Federal VET Diploma)?

  • Secondary school diploma, upper level
  • An interest in and good grades in math, German and English
  • Good logical/abstract reasoning
  • Desire to be exact in thought and work
  • Eager and willing to experiment
  • Patience
  • Enjoy working with computers
  • Enjoy working on a team
  • Good communications skills and a helpful nature


Where does the training program take place?

After a one-year introduction to the apprenticeship at the AZW Training Center in Winterthur, the remaining three years of the apprenticeship are spent at Burckhardt Compression AG.


Can I request a trial apprenticeship?

A trial apprenticeship is possible at the AZW Training Center in Winterthur or, from the spring of your second year of secondary schooling on, directly at Burckhardt Compression AG.


Where can I apply?

You can submit your application directly to Ausbildungszentrum Winterthur (AZW) via email or post:

AZW Ausbildungszentrum Winterthur
Zürcherstrasse 25
P.O. Box 414
CH-8401 Winterthur
[email protected]


“Security for your future. We make you fit for the labor market of tomorrow. We from IT are involved in the company’s daily business and connected with the world.”

Silvio Kaiser, practical instructor, IT