Cruise Ships

Laby® Compressors for LNG BOG Management for Four-Stroke Engines on Cruise Ships

With regard to the efforts made to reduce the global carbon footprint, cruise ship passengers are increasingly requesting low-emission cruise voyages. In addition, upcoming IMO regulations will cut the sulfur content of marine diesel to 0.5% by the year 2020. LNG is the preferred alternative fuel for new cruise ships. Occurring boil-off gas (BOG) must be managed to protect the structural integrity of the onboard gas tanks.

Burckhardt Compression offers a variety of compressor solutions for BOG handling that have been specifically designed for marine applications. Our oil-free Laby® Compressors can compress the BOG for injection into auxiliary gen-sets.

Gas Flow Bunker Vessel

Customer Benefits

  • Gas-tight crankcase for greater safety and zero gas loss
  • Cryogenic operation without BOG pre-warming
  • Low power consumption leads to minimized
    operational costs (OPEX)
  • Low maintenance costs due to labyrinth sealing
  • Low system complexity for easy integration
  • Vibration dampeners specifically designed to
    minimize compressor vibrations
  • Ship’s crew can perform onboard maintenance
  • Simple parallel operation with pump vaporizer
  • Full range of after-sales services available


Design Features

  • Robust design compliant with marine standards
  • Contactless oil-free gas compression
  • Unique wear-free labyrinth piston sealing technology
  • Directly driven by an electric motor
  • Water-cooled cylinders and gas coolers
  • Integrated crankshaft-driven lube oil system
  • Compliant with IMO, IGF and IGC codes


Contactless Labyrinth Sealing

Technical Data

Type Max. Speed
Rated Power
kW / hp
Max. Volume Flow
m3/h** / scfm**
Min. Gas Temperature
°C / °F
2KL90 880 101 / 135 400 / 20 -140 / -220
2KL140 580 242 / 325 1’200 / 60 -140 / -220

*60 Hz supply frequency **Depending on gas composition, gas temperature and compressor suction pressure