August 29, 2017 | News

Burckhardt Compression to Deliver Laby® Compressor System for Largest Monoethylene Glycol Plant in USA

Burckhardt Compression is proud to announce that it will be part of the largest Monoethylene Glycol Plant (MEG) in the USA, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The MEG plant is planned to become operational in 2019, and is part of a larger project primarily comprising the construction of an ethane cracker facility. Monoethylene glycol is a key ingredient for various important industrial and consumer goods, such as textile fibers, paper, asphalt, PET bottles, adhesives and antifreeze. With an annual capacity of 700,000 tons, it will become the largest plant of its kind in the United States.

The multi-stage Laby® labyrinth piston compressor designed and engineered by Burckhardt Compression guarantees the continuous compression and delivery of 8,050 kg/h of process gas at a pressure of 2.09 MPa (abs). It will be delivered as a complete reclaim compressor system including an electric motor drive, skid-mounted oil system and skid-mounted water console with a standalone air-cooled heat exchanger.

Burckhardt Compression’s Laby® Compressor offers unrivaled reliability and availability due to its unique labyrinth sealing system on its piston and piston rod gland, which enables oil-free and contact-free compression. The result is an extended MTBO (mean time between overhaul), which has a positive impact on reliability and operating costs. The Laby® Compressor is designed to compress bone-dry, dirty, abrasive and other gases. The gastight casing reduces gas emissions and losses to the environment to virtually zero.

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