October 28, 2021 | News

Burckhardt Compression Enters Partnership with Shell New Energies for Development of Heavy-duty Hydrogen Refueling Station Compressor Systems

Because of its high energy density and environmental sustainability, hydrogen is an attractive alternative fuel in transportation and plays a key role in the global transition to sustainable energies. The market for hydrogen as a fuel is growing at a fast rate worldwide and requires new solutions to deliver the high required volumes and make hydrogen a competitive fuel vs. alternatives.

Burckhardt Compression is one of the finalists selected by Shell New Energies as a partner for non-lube high-pressure hydrogen compressor development. As part of this project, Burckhardt Compression is building a new test facility in Winterthur, Switzerland, dedicated to the advancement of sealing technologies and solutions for hydrogen refueling stations serving heavy-duty vehicles. These solutions from Burckhardt Compression for both export and refueling use cases will enable the compression of hydrogen gas up to 900 bar (as booster), using non-lubricated compressor designs. The choice to use piston compressors was made based upon their high reliability, low total cost of ownership and ability to compress high volumes hydrogen in a single compressor. These high volumes are required to build heavy-duty fuel stations and serve the growing fleet of hydrogen-fueled trucks.

The test facility is planned to start operation in late 2022 / early 2023 with testing to take place through the end of the same year. The solutions developed as part of this partnership with Shell New Energies will not only benefit the H2 refueling, but the entire hydrogen energy and mobility industry.

Burckhardt Compression’s comprehensive H2 compressor portfolio includes diaphragm compressors for lower flows and reliable oil-free high-pressure piston compressors for higher flows. These compression solutions were specifically designed to meet the requirements of various H2 applications such as trailer filling and fuel stations. In addition, Burckhardt Compression’s aftermarket and service capabilities are supported by an extensive network of service hubs around the world.