April 01, 2021 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Burckhardt Compression wins large compressor order for a refinery hydrocracking unit

Burckhardt Compression has been selected by Technip Energies as the compressor supplier for the Assiut hydrocracking complex in Egypt. The order includes three fully packaged API 618 Process Gas Compressors, which will be used for the facility’s hydrocracking unit.

The Assiut hydrocracking complex in Egypt will be one of the country’s major strategic refineries and will help to meet growing local demand for cleaner products, mainly EURO-V diesel. The EURO-V standard reduces atmospheric pollutants by imposing stricter limits on exhaust emissions. Burckhardt Compression’s three make-up gas compressor units, each with a frame rating of 1’700 kN, will be a vital part of this refining project, the largest in Upper Egypt. Once completed, the new hydrocracking complex will transform lower-value petroleum products into cleaner products and is expected to have an output of about 2.8 million tons per year of EURO-V diesel in addition to other petroleum products.

Hydrocracking is one of the most demanding applications for reciprocating compressors in refineries, compressing hydrogen to 200 bar g. With its comprehensive API 618 Process Gas Compressor portfolio, Burckhardt Compression provides compression solutions for all refinery applications, including hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters and sour gas services. Expanding its presence on the African continent strengthens Burckhardt Compression’s global position in the refinery segment.

The company’s leading piston compressor technology offers highest availability and longest mean time between overhauls. In addition, Burckhardt Compression’s aftermarket service capabilities are supported by an extensive network of service centers around the world, offering local services.