June 06, 2023 | News

Confidence into 2023 and beyond

As we enter fiscal year 2023, we do so in a solid financial position with strong momentum in both divisions and many opportunities ahead of us.

Fiscal year 2023 is an important year, marking the beginning of our new Mid-Range Plan. In addition to delivering the substantial orders received in the last two years, the overarching theme in fiscal years 2023 to 2027 will be “transforming for a sustainable energy future”. Essentially this will involve strengthening our core business, developing new avenues for growth, integrating sustainability in everything we do and accelerating the growth of our digital products and services. In 2023 we will launch concrete initiatives in three areas: People & Culture, Systems, and Services.

People & Culture

Our strong growth provides many opportunities to retain and develop our talents, and requires us to attract new employees who share our values and ambitions.

To achieve these key objectives, we will concentrate on nurturing and evolving our leadership and culture along the dimensions of partnership, passion, performance, and responsibility. We will also ramp up our recruitment and training activities and continue to develop our apprenticeship programs globally.

Systems Division

Our key business objectives in Systems are to be the market leader in all regions; to achieve a balanced presence between traditional and new segments; to make sure our operations are safe, lean, smart, and sized to deliver business volume; and to further develop the resilience and sustainability of our supply chain.

In Systems this will translate, among other things, into a deliberate focus on applications for low-emission fuels (for example marine fuels). We will also be endeavoring to make the first move in fast-growing new market segments where we can position ourselves to enable a sustainable energy future.

Services Division 

The key business objectives in Services are to be the leading full-service provider globally, with a strong safety culture; to increase our installed base coverage  with enhanced local presence; to grow our long-term service agreement solutions for energy transition and digital services; and to build a global spply network based on a state-of-the-art IT platform.

Essentially these objectives will be geared to providing leading digital solutions and services to suport our customers’ sustainability journeys, as well as to becoming the leader in attractive and growing end markets with an unmatched footprint and unique technological expertise.