JSW compressors in O2 applications


Is your compressor still Oxygen (O2) conform?

Burckhardt Compression completed the acquisition of the global compressor business from The Japan Steel Works Ltd., (JSW) in April 2020. Burckhardt Compression has consequently taken over the responsibility for all JSW compressors in all applications and we see the need to inform you about the potential danger that the old JSW compressors can bring to your plant.

One of these applications is Oxygen (O2) which has very high requirements regarding safety. It is vital to ensure that all machinery is well-maintained and complies with the latest regulations such as JIMGA and EIGA.

Your operations and people might be in danger if your compressor isn’t complying with the latest standards. By implementing the necessary improvements, your compressors are safe again and can operate for many more years.

Burckhardt Compression supports you in analyzing your compressor and the process it operates in. We can provide cost-effective, sustainable and regulation-compliant  solutions.


Burckhardt Compression – Your expert in Oxygen applications

Often older machines don’t fully comply with existing regulations and don’t apply latest technology. Also, auxiliary systems such as piping, coolers etc. may therefore not be up to date.

Burckhardt Compression is an expert in O2 applications and can support you in getting your plant back to the newest standards. Not only considering safety but also regarding sustainability, maintainability and reliability. All factors that directly impact the total cost of ownership.

Do you want to make your compressor safe again?

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Protect your Investment –  Upgrade your Compressor

In addition to the oxygen services, Burckhardt Compression can offer upgrade services to ensure a long-lasting and successful operation of your plant. Modernize  your compressor and achieve improvements in one or more of these key areas:

Health & Safety: Increases health and safety for the people around the machine.

Performance & Quality: Improves output and efficiency.

Reliability & Availability: Increases uptime and reduces the probability of unexpected failures.

Maintainability: Easy and in-budget maintenance routines.

Environment: Increases efficiency and reduces leakages.