Burckhardt Compression (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Burckhardt Compression (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Building 6 No. 509 Renqing Road
Pudong District
Shanghai, 201201

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About us

Burckhardt Compression (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Burckhardt Compression AG Switzerland, ISO 9001:2000 certified, with over 65 employees, serving the Chinese customers for new projects and all service needs during a compressors entire life time. Contact us for any compressor issue – we will provide you a fast and professional solution.


Our local expertise and capabilities – Compressor Systems

Our experienced sales force is happy to provide you optimized reciprocating Compressor System solutions, ranging from 3KW up to 27’500 kW and pressures up to 3’500 bara. Compressor type includes Laby®, Process Gas API618, Hyper, Laby®-GI and Standard High Pressure Compressors, serving the following industries and applications:

  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry (eg.PP, PE, EOEG)
  • Industries gases.(eg. O2, N2, CO, CO2, Mixture Gas)
  • Refineries (with Process Gas Compressor API618, mainly for H2)
  • Gas Transport and Storage (Cryogenic applications, eg. BOG for LNG,LPG, Ethylene, Propane, Ammonia, both onshore and offshore)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas (EOR, Gas Processing/Treatment, Carbon Capture & Storage)


Our local expertise and capabilities – Services

Our qualified service personnel and fully equipped workshop can offer you a wide range of fast and reliable services for all kind of reciprocating compressors – such as:

  • Local compressor valve manufacturing
  • To provide you the ‘heart’ of any compressor in time and with Swiss quality
  • Full service center capabilities
  • To refurbish all of your compressor components incl. Hyper components
  • Shanghai based experts
  • To grants the fastest technical support
  • Field service team
  • To support all your job site activities incl. training of your maintenance people
  • Experienced Sales Force
  • To support you with compressor spare parts and services for your specific application and needs during the whole compressor lifetime