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Single-source Supplier Burckhardt Compression Provides Turn-key Solution for LDPE Plant Overhaul in France

The petrochemical company Versalis adopted a single-source supplier concept and awarded Burckhardt Compression a contract to overhaul the Process Gas and Hyper Compressors in its two LDPE lines in Dunkerque, France. A dedicated engineering team executed the turn-key solution project after only three months' preparation time.

Based on its positive experiences working with Burckhardt Compression on other projects, Versalis entrusted Burckhardt Compression with this turn-key project. These major overhauls usually take place every 4-5 years in which a shutdown is required. Considering the project volume involved in overhauling two Booster/Primary and two Hyper/Secondary Compressors, the project timeline was ambitious. Burckhardt Compression operated as single-source supplier, providing all equipment and dealing with sub-suppliers. Versalis also attaches great importance to health and safety standards and protection of the environment and Burckhardt Compression performed all work to its utmost satisfaction in this regard.

The project scope included a major revamp of all compressors, inspections, replacement and refurbishment of parts, transportation logistics, and coordination of sub-suppliers. Relying on its extensive network, Burckhardt Compression was also able to quickly resolve unplanned events. A major benefit was Burckhardt Compression’s ability to make many decisions directly onsite. In addition to its very good performance of the overhaul, Burckhardt Compression’s well trained and qualified employees are capable of providing local parts and maintenance services, which ensures very short response and delivery times. The success of this project was supported by the close relationship between Versalis staff and Burckhardt Compression’s team.

Versalis, headquartered in Italy, is a leading producer of plastic and rubber products. Polyethylene is one of the most common materials used in consumer goods and accounts for 30% of the total volume of plastic material produced worldwide (in 2013).

Burckhardt Compression is a renowned original equipment manufacturer of high-pressure reciprocating Hyper Compressors for LDPE plants and has pioneered this technology since 1951. Long-standing know-how and unrivalled expertise enable it to provide full support for Booster/Primary and Hyper/Secondary Compressors. Practice-oriented design principles result in easy maintenance work and short downtime for overhauls. Furthermore, an outstanding track record with decades of experience in building reciprocating compressors makes Burckhardt Compression a competent and reliable partner for comprehensive turn-key projects and a trusted provider of global, one-stop maintenance and service solutions for compressors of any brand.



Ongoing overhaul on Hyper Compressor type K10
Ongoing overhaul on Hyper Compressor type K10

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