Fuel Gas Injection

Laby® Fuel Gas Compressor Systems for Small WinGD X-DF Powered LNG Carriers and Bunker Ships

Burckhardt Compression offers a variety of compressor solutions for fuel gas compression that have been specifically designed for marine applications. Our X-DF fuel gas compressor systems are designed for BOG management on LNG carriers equipped with WinGD X-DF two-stroke engines.

The well-proven Laby® Compressors offer the most power-efficient solution for fuel gas compression and support the optimization of the ship’s operational costs (OPEX). The oil-free compressor system can supply gen-sets, the propulsion engine and the reliquefaction system. In addition, it can be operated in parallel to the pump vaporizer unit.

Customer Benefits

  • Low power consumption leads to minimized
    operational costs (OPEX)
  • Gas-tight crankcase for greater safety and zero gas loss
  • Oil-free compression to prevent oil contamination
    of LNG
  • Low maintenance costs due to labyrinth sealing
  • Robust process control without surge and choke
  • Insensitivity to gas and operation conditions
  • Ship’s crew can perform onboard maintenance
  • Full range of after-sales services available


Design Features

  • Contactless oil-free gas compression
  • Cryogenic operation without BOG pre-warming
  • Unique wear-free labyrinth piston sealing technology
  • Minimized vibrations for improved integration in marine applications
  • Easy installation thanks to compact design
  • Minimized quantity of wear parts
  • Compliant with IMO, IGF and IGC codes
  • Designed according to marine standards


Contactless Labyrinth Sealing

Technical data

Type Max. Speed
Rated Power
kW / hp
Max. Volume Flow
m3/h** / scfm**
Min. Gas Temperature
°C / °F
2KL90 880 101 / 135 400 / 20 -140 / -220
2KL140 580 242 / 325 1’200 / 60 -140 / -220

*60 Hz supply frequency **Depending on gas composition, gas temperature and compressor suction pressure