Intermediate Storage

High-Pressure Compressors for LNG BOG Management – Intermediate LNG BOG Storage on Bunker Ships

While refueling LNG-powered ships, the vapor return boil-off gas (BOG) must be handled to maintain LNG tank’s pressure. The preferred and most economical way of managing the BOG is to compress and store it in high-pressure vessels located on the bunker ship, for use when it is needed as propulsion fuel.

Burckhardt Compression offers a variety of compressor solutions for BOG handling that have been specifically designed for marine applications. Our Marine High-Pressure Compressors can compress the
BOG for intermediate storage.

Customer Benefits

  • Low investment cost for Marine High-Pressure
    Compressor system required (attractive CAPEX)
  • Gas-tight crankcase for greater safety and zero gas loss
  • Possibility of installing redundant BOG-handling
  • Low power consumption leads to minimized
    operational costs (OPEX)
  • Small footprint and minimum weight
  • Low system complexity for easy integration
  • Ship’s crew can perform onboard maintenance
  • Full range of after-sales services available


Design Features

  • Robust marine design
  • Directly driven by an electric motor
  • Installed on anti-vibration mounts
  • Water-cooled cylinders and gas coolers
  • Integrated crankshaft-driven lube oil system
  • Compliant with IMO, IGF and IGC codes
  • Designed according to marine standards


Process Layout

Technical Data

Type Max. Speed
Rated Power
kW / hp
Mass Flow*
kg/h / lbs/h
mm / in
mm / in
mm / in
kg / lbs
MHP-C-220 1’180 350 / 470 900 / 1’985 3’250 / 128 3’150 / 124 6’700 / 264 24’700 / 54’465

*Gas composition: CH4/N2-85/15%. Suction pressure: 1.03 – 1.1 bar a (14.9 – 16 psi a). Gas suction temperature (pre-heated): –40 °C (–40 °F)