March 25, 2024 | News, Success Story, Petrochemical/Chemical Industry, Europe, Non-Burckhardt

Increased compressor reliability results in fewer emissions and extended lifetime

During its preventive maintenance cycle, a crop nutrition company and provider of environmental and agricultural solutions identified severe corrosion in a Non-Burckhardt compressor cylinder.

Recognizing the urgency, they sought a reliable and sustainable solution. Burckhardt Compression secured the order for a new cylinder by not only providing an exact replica but also analyzing the entire system and proposing a solution that would address other related issues simultaneously.

Matthias Reese, Project Management & Engineering at Burckhardt Compression

“The solution offered by Burckhardt Compression was exactly what the customer was looking for. With our systematic approach, our compressor experts not only looked at the obvious issue but wanted to find a holistic solution to improve the reliability and support the customer’s sustainability goals. The compressor has been running without issues for almost two years now and we have received another order for the exact same solution for another compressor.”

Customer Challenges:

  • Heavily corroded cylinder
  • Replacement cylinder had to be ready for scheduled shutdown in six months
  • Cylinder support broke regularly and caused unscheduled shutdowns
  • Searching for reliable and sustainable solution
  • Dimensional measurement of installed cylinder had to be taken in one day
Compressor cylinder before replacement


Non-Burckhardt compressor 
Type C 304 Gas CO2
Power 2’410 kW / 3’230 hp Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

19 bar / 275 psi

59 bar / 855 psi

Speed 422 rpm Lubrication yes



Burckhardt Compression Solution:

  • Re-engineering of cylinder with same connection dimension but as one piece (intermediate piece and cylinder)
  • Optimized cylinder cooling for better cooling and easier cleaning
  • New, more robust cylinder support offered
  • Change of material from cast steel to forged steel
  • Production and delivery of new cylinder including liner and all covers within set time frame
Cylinder in production

Customer Benefits:

  • Extended lifetime of compressor
  • No unscheduled shutdowns
  • Increased availability and reliability
  • Improved cylinder support
  • Easier maintenance and exchange of cylinder liner
  • New one-piece design enables a significant reduction in emissions
  • All work done on time and in budget


Newly designed compressor cylinder ready for delivery